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Legal defense

"We protect your company from any customs contingency"

The CJA team will support you in a personalized way according to your needs, thus avoiding abuses by the authorities.

If you want to avoid:


  • Collection of fines in your operations

  • That your merchandise becomes property of the treasury

  • The seizure of your bank accounts for Foreign Trade matters


Or you want:


  • Release your merchandise held in Customs

  • Reactivate your Registry of Importers or your Customs Patent

  • Successfully exit a procedure initiated against you


We can help you!

Were you notified of a change in Tariff Classification?

We protect you against changes in the tariff fraction declared in your requests, thus avoiding economic contingencies and helping you to successfully exit the procedure initiated by the customs authorities.


If they change your tariff fraction for taking samples, we will take you on the best path to avoid future incidents.

We help you with your customs incidents


Our lawyers will attend your case according to the needs you have through the legal instances provided in the Tax and Customs legislation, such as:


  • Evidence and Allegations

  • Attention to Foreign Trade Requirements and Audits

  • Complaint Resources

  • Conclusive Agreements

  • Revocation Resources

  • Nullity and Amparo Trials


We take care of obtaining favorable resolutions for you in the event of any eventuality related to your Foreign Trade operations.


Our only mission is to defend your interests and we will do everything necessary to achieve this. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice, we are ready to help you.






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