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Consulting and Auditing

We provide legal advice that guarantees due compliance with the tax and customs obligations of your foreign trade operations.

Main Counseling Topics:

  • IMMEX operation

  • Free trade agreements

  • Rules of origin

  • Customs Regimes

  • Compliance with Non-Tariff Regulations and Restrictions

  • Official Mexican Standards

  • Customs valuation and tax calculation

  • Tariff classification inquiries

  • Customs Agent Patent Protection

In general, any legal advice related to Foreign Trade and Customs.

Preventive Audit.
Are you about to carry out a customs operation?


If you want to verify that you are operating correctly and that a lawyer takes you by the hand to carry out your operations, we can help you to have all your files in good shape.


With our preventive audit service we help you:


  • Reorganize your files, which we download directly from VUCEM and identify if you have any missing documents.

  • We give you a current diagnosis of your company's Foreign Trade operations so that you have complete visibility of the current level of compliance

  • If we detect an error in your operations, we work together to correct it and thus make you return to being in full compliance with customs regulations.


On the other hand, we also review the following:


  • Our lawyers make the gloss of the motion and the attached documents to identify any possible contingency in the operation of your company.

  • We validate the amount that is paid in requests for contributions to prevent your company from paying more or less than it should.

  • We confirm the information contained in your Declarations of Value so that you can rest assured that your company applies the Valuation Methods provided for in customs legislation correctly.

  • We validate the correct calculation of increases, as well as the inclusion and exclusion of all expenses borne by the importer that may affect the Customs Value of the merchandise.

  • We identify the Regulations applicable to the merchandise and validate their due compliance so that you have the peace of mind that your company operates correctly and that you will not have problems with the customs authorities.

  • We review compliance with Non-Tariff Regulations and Restrictions (RRNA)  in your operations. In case something is not right, we support you to comply with them to avoid fines and seizures of your merchandise.






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